Realms of Myst

A Smaug MUD 4422 - 4422 -

MUD stands for Multi User Dungeon :
a text adventure game with Dungeons and Dragons style combat for multiple players.
MUDs evolved out of text adventure games on early personal computers, when to these text adventures the concepts of combat and multiple players were added. Players from all over the world enjoyed playing these games on the internet before the World Wide Web existed. They still do today.

My MUD is called Realms of Myst. You can create a medieval fantasy character from ideas based on the books of Tolkien and the Dungeons and Dragons game, and then play to advance your character. The Connect page will tell you how get on the MUD, and the Characters page will provide some information about character creation. See other pages to learn about the MUD world and useful resources for MUD gaming.

[ Fondle thy rodent and enter ]